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This Wednesday: Sonic 2 hogs XBLA


How to appreciate the above headline in five simple steps:
  1. Read the sequence of words from left to right. Note: Utilizing this technique may require previous training. If said requirement is not met, reader subject may experience difficulty in advancing beyond Step 1.
  2. Interpret the declaration as follows: Sega's speedy side-scroller, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, is arriving on Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday for 400 MS Points ($5), complete with online play.
  3. Realize that in being the sole game release this week (joined only by Bomberman Live! and Band of Bugs downloadable content), Sonic 2 is in effect "hogging" the lineup.
  4. Recall that Sonic the Hedgehog is notably and provably a hedgehog.
  5. (Crucial) Make the connection and laugh in an obnoxious manner. This may be accompanied by lightly assaulting your knee or invading a colleague's ribs with your elbow. Never confuse the two.

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