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LaCie intros 2big trio of professional RAID drives

Darren Murph

We know, you're probably still gawking at that shiny hunk of hard drive that LaCie announced earlier today, but for the pros out there, this lineup is likely to be more your style. The 2big family -- which will include the 2big Dual, 2big Triple and the 2big Network -- range in capacity from 1TB to 2TB, and all include a new "thermoregulated progressive smart fan" to keep things cool and quiet. As for the 2Big Dual, you'll find eSATA II and USB 2.0, while the 2Big Triple offers up both flavors of FireWire / USB 2.0 and the 2Big Network "is an Ethernet version that can act as a file sharing or backup server." Pricing on the trifecta will vary based on storage space and connectivity options, but you can find these hanging out in September and starting at $399.

[Via Electronista]

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