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Possible unedited copy of Manhunt 2 leaked


In what has to be the least surprising leak ever, it seems an early version of the PS2's unedited Manhunt 2 surfaced on the internet late last week. Early suspicions pointed to a source inside Rockstar for the leak, but parent company Take-Two has moved quickly to squash video and other media from the title, and now "unnamed hackers" (who have possibly been named as 'Team Slonik') are being blamed for the game's release into the wild.

While we certainly do not condone piracy in any form, we can't help but harbor a hope that someone keeps a copy of this alleged leak around for comparison in the fall, when the official, cut version of Manhunt 2 hits retail outlets. Of course, what's out there may not be the actual unedited cut -- and if it's exactly the same as what gets released, we're sure that will be the precise reason given -- but since the ESRB will not speak to the changes, perhaps this build will.

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