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Sony rolls out headphones aplenty, including wireless 7.1 cans


Sony's showing off a whole range of headphones at its dealer convention in Japan this week, covering everything from earbuds to Bluetooth headsets to full-size cans. On the latter front, and likely of most note, are the company's new MDR-DS7000 headphones, which promise 7.1 channel audio (or some approximation thereof) and Dolby Digital, DTS, and AAC decoding. What's more, the headphones are also wireless, relying on the oft-used 2.4GHz to throw all that sound across the room. Look for those to hit Japan in November for ¥30,000 ($260). Also on display are a the DR-BT25NX and DR-BT30QA Bluetooth headphones, the former consisting of some earphones and a neckstrap contraption, and the later opting for headphones of the clip-on variety (check 'em out after the break). Rounding out the lot are some noise-canceling earphones, a couple of low-cost earbuds, and Sony's previously announced PFR-V1 "personal field speaker" headset. Look for all that to trickle out in Japan over the course of October and November.

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