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The lowdown on ringtone changes in iTunes 7.4.1?

Chris Ziegler

Remember how Apple rushed out 7.4.1 on the double after folks hacked 7.4 to enable free ringtones in mere hours? Turns out we may now know exactly what Apple did to patch it up -- and, naturally, how to enable 'em once again. It looks like Apple added new metadata to music in 7.4.1 that was missing in 7.4, a value called "stik" (what that could possibly stand for, we're not sure). Anyway, the value needs to be present and set to "14" on any AAC tune for iTunes to identify and sync it as a ringtone. That's it. Turns out there's an open source package to let you play with the metadata, too, so the whole procedure really couldn't get less expensive. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

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