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Apocalypse: Desire Next challenges Legendary: The Box for Award: Worst Title

Ross Miller

Microsoft unveiled at their pre-Tokyo Game Show press briefing yesterday a new strategy RPG from Idea Factory that will likely never see release outside of Japan. Still, it's noteworthy that the English title given to the game hearkens back to Legendary: The Box, a game we awarded the (dubious) honor of E3 2007's Worst: The Title Award for Worst Game Title.

So do the characters of Apocalypse: Desire Next desire the (next) apocalypse, is the apocalypse itself an embodiment of desire, or is the RPG some bizarre word-association puzzle where all negative-connoting terms are replaced with more suggestive diction (i.e. "Watch out, it's the Four Horsemen of Trojan Desire!"). Japanese Xbox 360 owners can find out this November.

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