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Bungie talks Halo 3 downloadable content, in-game baseball

Ross Miller

Yesterday, select members of the gaming press were invited to play a little bit of Halo 3 before its impending release. None of them can talk about their experience until September 23, but in the meantime Chris Remo of Shacknews sat down with Bungie content manager Frank O'Connor to discuss the State of the Developer.

Unsurprisingly, the team is already considering what downloadable content to add to the game. "For example," said O'Connor, "we already now see there will be a need for more smaller symmetrical maps ... I think [content packs] will be, if not more frequent, more predictible and smoother."

Also discussed was the map tweaking of Forge, where 23 hours prior to the interview, O'Connor reveals that testers created a baseball gametype with rocket launchers and gravity hammers. "They even got bases in," he said. If only The Sandlot used rocket launchers, then they'd never have been afraid of that ill-tempered dog. How about a game of Krikkit, anyone?

The super-secret Peter Jackson project was also briefly mentioned. All O'Connor would say is that it "continues on pace" and that Bungie producer Curtis Creamer and cinematics director CJ Cowan managed to crash a Warthog into a wall.

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