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Everything you wanted to know about Phantom Hourglass but were afraid to ask


Sure, Phantom Hourglass is probably going to be the hottest game of the year -- or at least one of them, considering the Pokémon invasion we've experienced -- but do you know everything about it? IGN has put together a helpful FAQ for the highly-anticipated DS title that's just chock full of information. Some of it is pretty basic, like "Who developed this one?" (Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development! Interesting tidbit: this is the team's first handheld Zelda), but there are more complicated and subjective questions as well, such as, "I never played Wind Waker, will I be totally lost?" IGN says no, and hopefully relieves some tension for some of you in the process.

They also get into the complex matter of the Zelda timeline, and the many delays this latest entry suffered prior to release. It's a nice recap for those of you dying for more scraps about next month's release. We recommend taking it in with a video or two.


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