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TurboGrafx-CD games coming to Virtual Consoles worldwide

Kyle Orland

The news leaked out of Japan late last week, and now Hudson has officially announced its worldwide plans for TurboGrafx-CD games on the Wii's Virtual Console. In a press release today, Hudson announced the games will be available starting in October in Japan and "soon thereafter" in Europe, North America and Australia for 800 Wii Shop points.

The release promises over five TG-CD games in 2007 and over ten in 2008, but doesn't go into any details on which specific games will be available. Even so, we're relatively sure that Japanese shooter Cho Aniki won't be among those classics coming across the pond. It's a shame really -- if there's one thing guaranteed to shake up the American shmup market, it's a game full of homoerotic shots of shirtless, musclebound men.

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