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Build Shop: Priest 14/0/47 (interview with Skosiris)

Eliah Hecht

Welcome, talent fans! This time we're going to try something a little different with Build Shop: an interview. We've got Wowhead co-founder and primary website developer Skosiris to talk a bit about his priest build, so check it out and let me know what you think of the format. For the uninitiated, Wowhead is an excellent WoW database site for looking up information on equipment, mobs, quests, spells, etc. I recently started playing Dungeon Runners, and Wowhead is possibly what I miss most about WoW. It's that good.

Skosiris is getting his Shadow on with this solo/5-man oriented spec. He's a relatively casual player, having never raided, and doesn't have time to play tons. I like the build well for its intended purpose.

Eliah Hecht, WoW Insider: Hey, want to talk about your build?

Skosiris of Wowhead: Sure thing. It's been a little while since I last played my priest, but this should be fun.

Likewise. So, do you have a link for the build?

14/0/47, Amory profile here

OK. So, let's see...14/0/47, eh? That's pretty shadow.


Why don't you give me an overview of the key ideas behind this build, and what you like to do with it.

This build is all about doing well in PvE by taking the role of a massive DPSer. It also happens to be the build I used while leveling. Spirit Tap is a godsend for soloing.


The shadow spec is all about dishing as most damage as possible, while healing others (both health- and mana-wise, thanks to Vampiric Touch).

Do you find yourself playing more in raids, or 5-mans? Or does it make a difference for this build?

I've been mostly focusing on 5-man dungeons so far. I must confess, I've never raided :(

You should try it, it's fun. Although I've only done so as a healer (and only MC, Ony, and KZ; I'm a fairly entry-level raider). Do you do heroics?

Haven't gotten the chance yet. It would be worth mentioning that I think this build would be awesome at PvP as well.

Versatility is good. I'm a little surprised to see Improved Power Word: Shield in there. Almost nothing in the world could compel me personally to get it; the benefit is just too small for the cost. But I guess if you're doing mostly shadow, Silent Resolve doesn't help that much.

Yeah, that's more of a filler talent in this case.

Indeed. Bad talent design on Blizz's part if you ask me. As far as what you missed in shadow, there's not much to talk about there, since you have most of it. Shadow Resilience is obviously more of a PvP talent. I think Shadow Focus would probably be handy for raids, so it makes sense that you have a few points there. Why no Improved Fade? Don't find yourself wanting to fade too much?

Most of my experience so far as a shadow priest has been pretty smooth as far as aggro goes. It's all about managing your threat. That alone could be a whole interview.

I miss my priest now :(

So...what, if anything, do you think is wrong with the Shadow tree?

You mean drawbacks of speccing into shadow? Or more like things Blizzard could do to improve this tree?

Either, although I meant things Blizzard could do. But they would both be interesting topics.

I wouldn't say that there is a drawback. If you spec into shadow, you don't really care about your lack of healing capabilities.

I wonder if shadow priests are better at DPS than healing priests are at healing. Death and Taxes would certainly seem to think so.

I hear so. These days, it seems that Paladins and Shaman are the better healers and that shadow priests can out-DPS most DPS classes.

Alright, is there anything else you want to say about your build? Anything you want me to ask?

I'd like to mention how much I like this build. Well, builds aren't cut in stone, a couple of points can be moved here and there.

Yeah, I like how respeccing is comparatively much cheaper now

But what I like about being a shadow priest is:

  • very high damage
  • extremely useful in groups
  • very low downtime (I hate drinking)
  • soloing is fun and efficient
(I assume they are awesome at PvP, but haven't gotten the chance to try it myself yet)

Thanks! I like your build, by the way. I may try it or something close myself if I ever go shadow.

Thank you!

And that's the end of the first interview edition of Build Shop. What do you guys think? And how do you like the build? As always, send in your builds to for consideration. If you would like to be interviewed, include a screen name at which I can contact you.

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