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TUAW + iPhone turns your loved ones into pirates


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Arrrr, me hearties. A TUAW exclusive for your iPhone today (since it be Talk Like a Pirate Day). Download a copy of onto your iPhone and you're ready to turn any landlubber into a true Pirate. (A package should be available through by the time this post goes live.)

Launch the app, aim the camera at a loved one, and tap Stop. This stops the preview and freezes the picture. If you don't like it, tap Start to go back to a live preview.

After freezing, arrange the props -- pirate hat, mustache, beard and parrot -- as you wish. Then tap Snap. The iPhone captures your work and creates a new email photo enclosure for you to share with loved ones.

Shiver me timbers! Now that's a good reason to keep the iPhone a semi-open platform!

Update: Dread Pirate Gregg writes in to let us know that he is responsible for the Apple and Crossbones I found in the TUAW archive.

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