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HTC Kaiser manual mentions T-Mobile, 1700MHz support

Chris Ziegler

So the FCC documentation for the Kaiser is a little wacky in that it makes repeated mention of T-Mobile in the user's manual. That in itself isn't strange -- T-Mobile Germany has the Kaiser as the MDA Vario III, after all -- but what is strange is that we're pretty sure this is the US T-Mobile they're talking about here on account of the English manual and screen shots, myFaves mention, and the lack of Vario branding in the photos. With the Wing in the wild and the Juno allegedly in the pipe, we weren't totally sure how the Kaiser would fit into T-Mobile's lineup, but here's the ace up T-Mobile's sleeve: 3G support on the 1700MHz band. The documentation identifies the 1700MHz radio as a feature destined for Japan, but it's just too much of a coincidence, isn't it? In our blind desire for T-Mobile's fricking AWS services to launch, are we being overly optimistic here?

[Via Boy Genius Report, thanks Orlando]

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