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New Halo 3 VidDoc and final pre-launch podcast

Jared Rea

With less than five days to go before the biggest gaming event of the year, you'd better believe we plan on spending it in a Game Fuel induced haze of Bungie hotness. First up, the latest video documentary entitled "Cinema Paradiso" that not only walks you through the map editor, Forge, but also features some of the most jaw dropping multiplayer footage yet. We now fear, respect and lust after the Gravity Hammer all at the same time.

Speaking of walkthroughs, Bungie has put up a three part series on Forge editing as well as a lengthy FAQ on saved films. The good news is that they're still blowing our minds here. The bad news is that you can't create clips of your campaign footage. Minor doh.

Finally, today's Halo buffet concludes with a massive two hour Bungie podcast with special guests Joe Staten and Marty O'Donnell. So snuggle up, nation ... it's going to be epic.

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