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Toshiba's Cell-derived SpursEngine chip to process video

Darren Murph

Toshiba's newfangled SpursEngine chip could soon be used to "work alongside a microprocessor to process video streams, recognize and process images, and tackle other multimedia chores," and while we're not exactly sure what kind of hit this will take on battery life, the prototype version is said to consume 10 to 20-watts of juice. Nevertheless, Tosh's new device "uses cores derived from the Cell microprocessor" and is being "aimed at multimedia applications" in particular. At CEATEC, the firm hopes to showcase its power by demonstrating the 1.5GHz unit in a number of laptops, and while Toshiba itself has "already started developing products using the processors," it will also be selling the chips to other interested outfits for use in their products.

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