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AT&T Tilt delayed a few weeks?

Chris Ziegler

Unlocked Kaisers are already available from your friendly local importer (and yes, it rocks, by the way), but if on-contract AT&T pricing is more to your liking, the wait may have just gotten a little longer. We're hearing unconfirmed reports that the 8925 Tilt -- AT&T's branded version of the Kaiser -- has been pushed back a few weeks from its September 25 release window thanks to some pesky network certification issues. You know, those tests that cause a phone mentioned in December of one year to be released late the following year (pardon if we sound bitter). Anyway, the phones have apparently been shipped back to HTC for some last-minute rejiggering; with any luck, we'll still see 'em before October's out if the rumor's true. If this ends up being nothing more than a case of a few misinformed AT&T reps, though, make sure to bring enough cash on your shopping trip next Tuesday for both the Tilt and Halo 3, k?

[Thanks, John L.]

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