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TI mounts new DLP push

Steven Kim

TI has given its 20-year old DLP technology a shot in the arm in the form of a $100 million advertising and marketing campaign. The ads should be airing during HD broadcasts of ESPN's Monday Night Football, as well as ABC and ESPN's Nascar Nextel Cup offerings. And if you don't have a HDTV, TI will be moving a 60-seat DLP 3D cinema around the country during the Nascar season to start your HD addiction. This marketing effort is taking place even when iSuppli has estimated shipments of 1.5 million DLP sets in 2007, about flat from last year. It's a bold move for a technology facing increasing competition from plasma and LCD. We're hoping the DarkChip 4 devices deliver real-world results, or the slogan "It's all in the mirrors" could morph into "It's all smoke and mirrors."

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