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TUAW Best of the Week


Our best posts of the week, all organized in one post for your perusal. Erica's passed the baton off to me for this edition yet again, and here we go.

Apple looks out for my best interests
And by that, Erica means they don't.

The state of the iTouch jailbreak
Is not good, unfortunately.

Metaliveblogging's Apple's "Mum is no longer the word" event
Is it wrong of me to wish every post from Nik started with the words, "Good morning, TUAW readers. London calling"?

Run widgets (kinda) on your iPhone
Erica's (kinda) hackaround lets you have a portable Dashboard.

Coming in iPhone 1.1.1, probably
A short look at what might be in the next iPhone update.

TUAW + iPhone turns your loved ones into pirates
Yaaar maties, Talk Like a Pirate... and look like one, too. Smelling like a pirate is up to you.

iTunes: Free Thursday

Including the Prison Break season premiere. I haven't seen it in a while-- is he still following that tattoo map or are they past that?

iTunes: Free Friday
More freebies, including a few frepeats (TM).

Radiohead ditches iTunes to keep album complete
Fighting for the consumer is great-- except when you're fighting against the artist?

Orange gets French iPhone in November
And our French readers say oui.

Mac 101: Three Dock tips
Get to know your Dock. All over again.

NBC to offer content, DRM via NBC Direct
NBC plans their own player, and no one cares.

Ask TUAW: Automounting a network drive, iPhone flash memory, XMP photo metadata and more
You ask, we answer. Coming soon: TUAW Direct, where you'll only be able to read our answers, and no one else's. Plus, special this week Ask TUAW, Round II.

iPod touch dark screen problems
Quality control problem messing up iPod touch screens? Lame.

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