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Impressive homemade Master Chief costume at Halo launch NYC


Jim Cush from N. Babylon, New York, is definitely dressed to impress at the official Halo 3 launch event going on now in New York City at Best Buy. Cush says that the costume cost him "multiple thousands" of dollars and a year "on and off" to create. Asked if he's going to sell it on eBay, he jokingly replies, "I want to be buried in it. They'll dig me up 10,000 years from now and say, 'He must have been king.'"

Cush's friend Tom isn't afraid to give some more details, "It started with the helmet, then one thing led to another and now he's got the armor, flag, plasma grenades and guns." He estimates that the whole thing set his friend back about two to three thousand dollars. Hell, if it gets him on-air with Major Nelson we're sure it'll be worth it. Bungie says they have their own Master Chief showing up soon -- yeah, but it means more when somebody does something like this out of love.

[Special Thanks to Ray A. Hernández]

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