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New Halo live action clip unleashed before Master Chief's arrival

Ross Miller

Despite not having a Halo movie to direct, Neill Blomkamp continues to make live action short films for Microsoft about the UNSC's struggle with aggressive Covenant forces in the minutes before Master Chief arrives on Earth. The combat is close and erratic, and the production value is noticeably improved over the previous two videos, and the violence has also substantially increased.

We're really digging Blomkamp's style, but honestly we're not sure how well it would translates into a feature-length film -- it almost seems better suited in the short-clip format we've been privy to. Right now the only place we know of to see the video is at the Discovery Channel's website; let us know if you find an embeddable version. Update: YouTube version embedded after the break. Thanks, nelson!

[Via X3F]

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