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Sex Pistols reunite for Guitar Hero III track

Justin McElroy

In what is perhaps the first incidence of the phrase "You know, just like Living Color" being accurately applied to the Sex Pistols, Activision has announced that the U.K. punk outfit has gotten back together to rerecord "Anarchy in the U.K." for Guitar Hero III. The song had to be recreated, as the original master tapes had been melted down by Sid Vicious shortly before his death and injected into his blood stream. No, just kidding. He crushed them up and snorted them.

We'll admit to being of mixed opinion on this news. While we're happy that enough members of the band are still alive to make this sort of thing worthwhile, we're a little bummed that we'll be pretending to be the Sex Pistols circa 2007 when we pick up our plastic axes instead of Sex Pistols circa edgy.

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