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The Format War is Blu-ray's to lose

Ben Drawbaugh

Forester recently came to this conclusion in their latest analysis of the battle to be the next home movie format. They go on to say that Blu-ray hasn't delivered the "knock-out blow" that's needed to win, and in fact has recently lost ground to HD DVD thanks to Paramount going HD DVD exclusive and Blu-ray supported studios not releasing movies. Forester believes that if Blu-ray doesn't release a player around $250 in time for the holiday season, they could lose the whole thing. For the most part we agree, but we blame the studios more than anyone else. Blu-ray's strategy all along has been to motivate people with their exclusive content, and yet here we are over a year into this thing and HD DVD still has more movies than Blu-ray. Even when Blu-ray was releasing Paramount titles, they still weren't very far ahead when you consider the shear number of movies the supporting studios have at bay. The support from Fox is down right pitiful and Disney isn't too far behind.

[Via HighDefDigest]

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