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Guildwatch: Wish you were here

Mike Schramm

I like it when people spend a little time to gussy up their guild's raiding pictures. A good, detailed guild kill picture (like the one from Order of the Raven on Aggramar above), is like a nice little postcard, a souvenir for everyone on the raid. If your guild has a particularly nice or well designed kill shot, send it to (along with your drama, downed, and recruiting tips as always) and we might have a whole gallery of them to show off next week.

In the meantime, click the link below to get your weekly dose of drama, downed, and recruiting news. It's all the guild action you'd want, without ever signing a charter!


  • Kind of old drama from Misha-A but why not. So Ascension was apparently gutted when the guild's MT and a Warlock poobah decided to take over and make their own guild, Apocalypse. But just after they finally started raiding again (and attract some transfers from other servers), they blow up again-- insulting old guildies and even the new transfers. The MT who had originally split things up with him turned on him and did some /gkicking of his own and, as our tipster says, "things collapsed entirely." The really bad news is that the only reason these two numbskulls were able to take over is that Ascension was originally run by a husband and wife team, apparently great guildleaders, who took a break from the game. Shame that a good guild like that falls apart due to drama.
  • Beyond on the Gilneas server is breaking up. All our tipster says is that "someone's ego got too big." Details, man, details!
  • Darkness and Blood Reavers decided to do a little catch and release of some random Draenei on their server-- apparently they all just stalked one guy and trapped him for a while. They even admit it was griefing, but being on a PvP server is fair play, right? Here's what I don't get: Where was The Grim Covenant (the Draenei's guild) while all this was happening? Don't they stand up for their guildies?
  • Here's your weekly, hilarious taste of WoW is serious business. As the tipster who sent it to us says, "even the Alliance are making fun."
  • Stormwardens on Dragonmaw-A cleared out Karazhan in full for the first time. Grats! They're also recruiting mature, smart, and fun-loving people.
  • Enlightenment on EU Al'Akir has been slowing down a little bit lately (after killing off Curator a few months ago), but they're back in the game. Shade of Aran fell to their hands.
  • Relax on EU Shattered Hand finished off Kael'thas, and they call it a minor victory, but Kael is as major as they come, man. 4th night of tries, and their eight try in total. Nice job.
  • Soulbound on Norgannon killed Magtheridon. Sad, because Mag is a cool guy in a weird pit lord kind of way.
  • Underworld of Barthilas-A is only four weeks old, and already they've done Mag, Doomwalker, Gruul's, and Lurker. SSC and TK are next.
  • Dark Fist on Argent Dawn-A says they snuck up behind Leotheras the Blind and killed him when he wasn't looking. Although come on now-- you can sneak up in front of him and do the same thing. They're also recruiting Priests, Shamans, and Warlocks.
  • Order of the Raven on Aggramar-A killed Kael'thas (ss above) for a server first. Mount Hyjal bosses, you're on notice.
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A dropped Magtheridon.
  • Forbidden on EU Hellscream-A finished off Curator and is gunning for Illhoof next-- they're also looking to fill out a couple of healer spots in the group.
  • Wolves of the Warchief on Thorium Brotherhood downed Netherspite in their second attempt ever. Grats!
  • Delusions of Grandeur on Draka-A has finished off Vashj and Solarian, which means only Kael'thas stands in their way to the Black Temple.
  • Finally, Gothic Bunnies of Thunderhorn (my favorite guild in the world, even though they haven't seen much of me lately) has crushed Gruul under their heels. Go Bunnies! I'm told they're also recruiting some Hunters, Shadow Priests, and Feral Druids-- I would say that if you join up with them, you might get the chance to raid with me, but I think I may have fallen out of the raiding rotation in GB at this point. No matter-- they're still an awesome bunch of folks to play this game with.
  • Hawaiians is a Horde guild on the Oceanic Thaurissian realm, and they're looking for some more Hawaii-based players to raid Kara and beyond, and just generally have a good ol' Honolulu time.
  • Kicked and Banned on Zul'jin (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is recruiting Hunters, Rogues, Mages, Priests, and Shamans for Karazhan and beyond. They also do quite a bit of PvP and Arenas, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • Veritas Aequitas on Uldum-A Is just finishing up the last few bosses of Karazhan and need to flesh out their ranks for the 25 mans. All classes encouraged to apply!
  • War Within a Breath (that's a short war) on Azuremyst is looking for some mature, responsible players of all classes and levels for a good casual and social time.
  • Nice and Simple on EU Chromaggus is recruiting a few more 68+ healers to fill out their raiding group for Karazhan, but are welcoming all classes to come raid with them.
  • Rimfrost, which I called "like the family tree from Dynasty," is recruiting Swedish players on EU Aszune-A, and they just finished off both Gruul and Mag as well.
  • You Are SO Dead on Kael'thas is recruiting for casual raiding, heroics, PvP, Old-world content, naked Deadmines races, etc. Must be 18+ and like having fun.
  • The Astral Order on Eldre'thelas is looking for a few good tanks as well as a few Ret Paladins to fill out their raiding runs. They just finished off High King Maulgar, and while they're serious about raiding, outside of instances they mostly just have a good time.
That's it for this week's GW! Remember, send those tips to the more tips you send, the faster the patch shows up!* Until next week, happy raiding!

*This is a joke and not at all true.

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