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Linksys shows off two new Media Center Extenders


Want to spring out of your Windows Media Center situation, but don't have any good options? Well, you're in luck, because the good folks over at Linksys have whipped up a couple of wireless Media Center Extenders which might just do the trick... or wreck your home life. Feast your eyes on the DMA 2100 and DMA 2200 (pictured), two new offerings from the router-maker sure to please some of the people some of the time. Specs are thin right now, but what we do know is that the DMA 2200 sports an upscaling DVD player, both units have a "learning" remote, and the Extenders will be available sometime in November. For now, enjoy the photos, and your wild dreams of "sharing photos, music and movies" with friends and family.

[Thanks, Gordon]

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