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Olive announces the 'end of the music CD,' intros OPUS No5

Darren Murph

We realize the compact disc just turned 25 and all, but calling it dead already seems, shall we say, utterly ludicrous. Nevertheless, Olive has made that very claim as it announced "the end of the music CD" and the launch of its Opus Nº5 networked audio system. The firm's CEO even stated that its new unit was "the answer" to "replace the CD player," and it's being marketed towards audio enthusiasts who might appreciate the 123dB signal / noise ratio, minimalist design, WiFi, Ethernet port, integrated backlit display / optical drive (for ripping those antiquated discs, right?) and the 400GB to 750GB hard drive built right in. So for those ready to "move on" with their lives and dive right in to the digital music transition (ahem), you can grab Olive's latest starting at $2,999. More pics after the jump.

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