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Hexic 2 and Texas Hold 'Em feelin' update love

Dustin Burg

There are two things you can count on in life, taxes and random Texas Hold 'Em title updates. And that's what is headed down the infamous Microsoft certifcation tube, a new title update for XBLA games Texas Hold 'Em and Hexic 2.

There is no specific date for when the title updates will roll out, but we do know that the leaderboards for the games will be reset (to keep things fair) and that the Texas Hold 'Em update is geared more towards fixing bankroll exploits while the Hexic 2 update is aimed at fixing or improving bomb and timer gameplay elements. So, welcome the changes with open arms when they get rolled out otherwise the XBLA police will break down your door and rough you up. Not that we know from first hand experience or anything ... we heard about it from a friend. Full list of all the changes coming for these XBLA games can be viewed after the jump, happy gambling and happy bombing!

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