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Ask WoW Insider: Far from home

Mike Schramm

eNorox sent along a great question to Ask WoW Insider for you readers to answer this week. He's thinking about starting up a Gnome rogue, but he's tired of leveling through old Azeroth yet again:

I want to try something different so I decided to level from 1 in the Draenei starting area. The only thing is... How could I get there the fastest and what can I do about leveling a rogue in a place that has no rogue trainers?
I think us alt-o-holics out there have all done this at some point-- I have fond memories of leveling my Orc Shaman through the Forsaken starting area (because I had never seen it before), and in that case, I got real familiar with the Zeppelin, going back and forth between UC and Orgrimmar. But what do you all think of putting a Gnome on Azuremyst Isle? How can he get out there, and once he does, what's the best way to ensure fast travel between the Rogue trainers and his leveling area? And what other weird leveling locations have you chosen, even though it cost you more travel time to the trainer?

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