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Thank you Mario! But your candy is in another mushroom!


We hope that the candy contained in these little mushroom tins is exceptionally delicious, for two reasons. First, as a default condition, we hope all new candy is delicious, as it should be. Second, everyone who buys this stuff is going to be in a rush to empty out the tin anyway, to display it on a desk, or use it as a shot glass, or fill it with paper clips or something. Maybe if you get it, you can put the candy in a Zip-Loc bag or something.

Surprisingly, with video game-related candy comes a video-game-esque method of purchase. FractalSpin is out of stock at the moment, so you have to preorder your candy. These items are $3 each and are expected to be in stock on October 4th.

[Via GayGamer]

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