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We don't have to wait until 2008 for rumble, sort of

Nick Doerr

It's something that happened at TGS we were all a little concerned over. Sure, the DualShock 3 officially exists, but for some reason or other, it's not getting a release outside of Japan until spring of '08. Curious as to why this is the case, 1UP did a little bit of research and contacted Sony for a reason. Sony responded: "Given our production/manufacturing timeline we plan to introduce the new controller in Japan first and then release it in NA/Europe." It's vague, but we don't need to cry out in pain and reach for our pitchforks.

The DualShock 3 will work on our systems if we import them. Sony says there's no reason for them not to work, although some of the games that will require retroactive patches (Resistance, Warhawk) probably won't get those patches until the controller officially releases in our respective territories. But newer games and old PS2 games can get the rumble as soon as you import. As Captain Planet would say, "The power is yours!" A bonus cookie to anyone who recites the Captain Planet theme song.

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