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Wii Warm Up: Is it this Metroid image you're looking for?


Every time I go back through Metroid-related posts while looking for background material on a new post, I stop in my tracks when I get to this post from our Metroid Week event. Eric's Samus/Lionel Richie image is so hilariously out-of-nowhere that it short circuits my thought process and I have to stop and appreciate it before I can even remember what I was doing. I laugh out loud pretty much every time I see it. And then I imagine the "Hello" video with a fully-armored Samus Aran in place of Ola Ray and I can't breathe,I'm laughing so hard.

Something this good deserves not only to be re-run, but to be celebrated in its own post. So I'm taking the Saturday discussion topic to do just that. I'm celebrating our friend Eric and his brilliantly weird post image. Feel free to chat about Metroid or Lionel Richie or how "Hello" makes you cry.

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