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Golden MacBook Pro

Mat Lu

Let's say you're a Mac fan with a desire to stand out and way too much money: what do you do? Well gold-plate your MacBook Pro, of course! Computer Choppers has worked up a one-off example MacBook Pro, and will be offering the service commercially in the near future. In addition to gold-plating the aluminum casing they also paint match the keyboard and trackpad as well as re-engrave the keyboard letters. And if that's not special enough you can even replace the Apple with "your logo in diamonds."

Of course all of this will cost a pretty penny: $1200-$1500, "
depending on current gold price" for the gold-plating alone. But with everybody and his brother getting a Mac portable these days, I figure that's a small price to pay for having the most blinged out Mac money can buy. There are more pictures on their site.

[via übergizmo]

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