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Halo DS rises from ashes, videos unearthed


And the mighty wheel just keeps on turning. Matt Cassamassina of IGN, in his age old quest to prove to the world that a DS version of Halo was once in the cards, has posted video of the game in action. Remember now, Bungie has directly denied that a Bungie sanctioned Halo DS ever existed. Cassamassina insists that the version shown in the video was not made by a "garage developer" and that it had a major publisher behind it at one point. He elaborates that the project was canceled for reasons he cannot discuss. Of course, Bungie themselves admitted that prototypes were likely made by outside companies in order to pitch the idea, and it's still possible that we're seeing such a thing here. Our only question is why now? Why are these videos just now surfacing? If the proof has been available for this long, we wonder what caused the delay. We're sure all you're really interested in are the videos though. Check 'em out after the break.

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