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Attack me if you dare, I will (dress up like Ken and) crush you!


The folks at GameSniped are quite adept at finding weird and awesome game stuff on eBay, but in a recent post they demonstrated their expertise at finding new items as well. Like these Street Fighter character costumes.

They're all as accurate as can be, but, like all game character designs, they just look weird on real people. And we remember Akuma being a lot scarier and not displaying quite so much swagger. But then, the guy doesn't come with the costume.

You're out of luck if you want to be Ryu, unless you can find a torn martial arts uniform anywhere else, but the rest are in stock and on sale. But who would want to be Ryu when you can be one of the more interesting Shotokan practitioners? Apparently, a bunch of Costume Cauldron shoppers.

[Via GameSniped]

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