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Brewfest hangover starts early for Blizzard

Dan O'Halloran

Players hailed Brewfest with great anticipation, but all is not well in the land of pints and pretzels. Many bugs slipped through the very short Public Testing phase and onto the live servers. From QA Hortus:

We are aware of the following issues:
  • Some players can not get the Pink Elekks quest. This is caused by a mismatch with another quest, we are working on a hotfix for this issue.
  • Corben Barleybrew is not spawning in Black Rock Depths This appears to be due to a misconfiguration on the servers and is being investigated.
  • Unable to loot Brewfest Samplers We are aware of this issue a working on a fix.
I heard a lot of people complain how long Patch 2.2 was on the PTR. These Brewfest bugs are what happens when new content isn't given enough time in the testing phase.

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