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Harvey Birdman is dead-- who wants his stuff?


Want some Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law swag? Why, of course you do! To promote the new Harvey Birdman game, Capcom is holding a comic-creating contest featuring the show's cast.

Apparently (we, uh, didn't see it) Harvey died at the end of the show of being-hit-by-a-bus-driven-by-Phil-Ken-Sebben-related causes. The contest asks you to create a comic depicting your idea of what happens next. As Capcom puts it: "Is he dead? Is he back in court and trying to prove that he's still alive?" So don't just make three panels of a dead Birdman lying on the ground. That would be boring. We suggest talking and maybe movement.

Capcom is providing character art, backgrounds, and (unfortunately tiny) speech bubbles for you to employ in your cartooning. Should you cartoon successfully, you could win a Harvey Birdman DVD set, a bobble head, and other stuff!

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