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Kansas City Royals to get 'world's largest' HD LED scoreboard

Darren Murph

Quite frankly, it seems that each professional sports team that installs a fancy new HD scoreboard immediately assumes that it's the world's largest, and this go 'round, it's the Kansas City Royals keeping the trend alive. During the 2008 MLB season, Royals fans can feast their eyes on a 100- by 85-foot Daktronics display that utilizes HD-X LED technology, which the ball club says is "the largest HD LED board in the world." Additionally, Kauffman Stadium will be receiving a number of other Daktronics-sourced upgrades in 2009 / 2010, including an outfield fence display that measures around 8- by 128-feet, a pair of "ribbon boards" measuring in at 4- x 380-feet, and two displays above the stadium's new Hall of Fame that each span 5- by 108-feet. Now, if the Royals themselves prove to be worth watching, taking in a game next season may not be such a bad idea.

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