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Sneak Peek: WireTap Studio

Mat Lu

After our recent interview, Ambrosia Software's Andrew Welch was kind enough to give us a sneak peek at his company's forthcoming audio recording and editing application WireTap Studio. They've also prepared a series of videos that show off the application's unique features. What's remarkable about WireTap Studio is that it was designed from the ground up to work in lossless mode. This means that WTS creates a high-quality master of all of the recordings it makes. You can then compress and save at any bitrate you like (including live previewing of various compression settings), but the master is always there for you to go back to if you want to export a higher quality version. This also carries over to the editor, which is non-destructive (analogous to the way Aperture works with photos or iMovie '08 with video clips), so all of your edits can be undone and the original audio recovered at some future time.

WireTap Studio should ship next week, but in the meantime these videos are apt to whet your appetite if you're into podcasting or anything else that requires audio recording and editing.

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