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Gears of War movie may go the green screen route


Speaking to GamePro, Gears of War screenwriter Stuart Beattie discussed the upcoming film adaptation of the blockbuster game. Apart from talking about the slowly changing Hollywood view of game-to-film adaptations -- as the writer of the first Pirates of the Caribbean film (a movie based on a ride), he knows something about adaptations -- Beattie elaborates on how Gears of War may be treated in production. Beattie says that Gears of War will likely utilize the same techniques used in 300, which was shot entirely using a green screen. Said Beattie, "There's no way to build that world any other way, really," noting that a green screen and soundstage is the only way the movie could be made on a reasonable budget. So, when you sit down to enjoy the upcoming film, remember that the Brumak about to eat Marcus isn't real.

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