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Pioneer unveils SE-CLX9 / SE-CLX7 canalphones

Darren Murph

Joining all those other guys who have unveiled new earbuds recently is Pioneer, which has introduced two new sets that actually rely on different nozzles to adjust the sound. Granted, you could just use that built-in equalizer on your DAP to accomplish the same goal, but nevertheless, the SE-CLX9 and SE-CLX7 -- which look to differ only in the material they're constructed from -- both come bundled with five different tips that can be used for different genres of music. According to Pioneer, you'll find attachments (shown after the break) for High Tune 1, High Tune2, Standard, Bass Tune 1 and Bass Tune 2, and each pair also arrives with an extension cable and a carrying case. The duo is set to land next month, and while the aluminum-clad SE-CLX9 will cost ¥22,000 ($190), the less snazzy SE-CLX7 will demand just ¥12,500 ($108).

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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