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Study investigates relationship between walking and talking

Darren Murph

In of the less glamorous studies we've seen, a team of researchers from a variety of universities came together to study the possible link between walking and communicating via cellphone. In essence, researchers reckoned that by rigging up a Windows Mobile-based handset to vibrate slightly to the rhythm of one's footsteps, the other participate would simply fall in line (and have a more enriched experience) without actually being near the other individual. In testing, however, it was noticed that although the vibrations did help synchronize participants' steps when they were reciting scripted dialogue, a fair amount of subjects managed to mimic each other's gait sans assistance when carrying on a genuine conversation. If you're not snoring by now, feel free to hit the read link to view the research in its entirety. [Warning: PDF read link]

[Via Textually]

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