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HTC Polaris in the wild

Chris Ziegler

We haven't seen much of the HTC Artemis 'round here -- a crying shame, really, considering its slick body (Palm V-esque, dare we say?), integrated GPS, and totally nifty trackball / ring combo for navigation. Maybe if we're all really good, though, the HTC Fairy will be better to us the second time around when the Polaris gets put out to retail. Billed as the Artemis' heir apparent, the new device is finally starting to get pictured in the wild, bearing most of the physical traits that made the original so unique (although that might not be a trackball there, kinda hard to tell). UMTS / HSDPA is the big new feature here, though we've heard we should also expect a faster processor under the hood along with Windows Mobile 6 (of course) out of the gate. Oh, and check out the TouchFLO action, too! Any love for the US this time around, HTC (and no, T-Mobile Germany doesn't count)?

[Via the::unwired]

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