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Wii tops Amazon wedding gift registry

Jason Dobson

When my wife and I tied the knot, the most interesting things we received were an embroidered pillow and a Waterford crystal bowl, the former of which now languishes in a moving box while the latter was, interestingly enough, recently shattered during a particularly feverish bout of Wii Sports boxing (sorry mom!).

There is symmetry here, however, that does not go unnoticed, as Amazon currently lists the Wii as the top gift requested by newlyweds registered on the site. Unfortunately, Amazon also notes that the popular console is currently 'out of stock,' leaving couples to instead settle for the second most requested gift, Pyrex's 10-piece food storage set, a poor substitute given its inherent lack of waggle.

Wii accessories, including the remote, nunchuck, and Nyko charging station, were also included in the compilation of popular wedding gifts, though without a system to use them on these sorts of presents just smack of being cruel. Interestingly, both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 were also found in the list as well, both products of what we can only assume to be wishful thinking or misaligned priorities -- perhaps a bit of both.

[via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

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