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Apple adds new mobile protocol handlers


I've now spent a good deal of time hunting and searching through the updated SpringBoard executable. Much of what I found is dull; some is useful. While hunting around during the adding-Apps-to-SpringBoard effort, I discovered a number of items that appeared to be new Safari-style protocol handlers.

These items were each listed near a host application, for example itms near Not surprisingly, opening an itms:// URL launches the iTunes mobile store. Here are the working protocols, both old and new

itms:// Launches Mobile iTMS store.

maps:// Launches Google Maps. (iPhone only)

feed://, feeds:// Launches dotMac reader

tel:// Dials a number, specified in the URL. (iPhone only)

mailto:// Launches the iPhone mail app. (iPhone only)

youtube:// Launches YouTube.

Other items that were listed but do not seem to work are: calshow://, callto://, vmshow://, prefs://, nowplaying://

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