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Pricy mounts support goldsellers

Mike Schramm

We talked about this a little bit on the podcast the other day while speaking about the mail delay now built into the game. I asked what goldsellers were even selling gold for anymore (because there's so much of it to be found in Azeroth, and both Turpster and Robin answered me with: "epic mount."

Yes, there is no bigger drain on the funds than the epic mount price of a whopping 5,000g, and Bornakk says that isn't changing any time soon. I completely agree that having an epic flying mount is definitely an epic achievement, and if Blizzard doesn't want to lower the price, that's their business. But as Captnclaw notes, the refusal to change the way epic flying mounts are obtained is almost singlehandedly keeping goldsellers alive.

There are lots of ways to give out epic mounts and keep them epic-- one we mentioned on the show was daily quests (which is what you're doing anyway, if you're trying to raise 5k gold legally), but anything in that vein would work-- a reputation grind, an item turn-in, an epic questline, or a combination of all of these. Making one of the best, most wanted items in the game simply cost a chunk of gold is more or less creating a market for goldsellers. And refusing to lower the price (or, better yet, take the whole process out of the gold market entirely) is leaving the door wide open for gold sellers to continue hawking their wares.

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