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Rock Band questions answered (some of 'em)


The folks over at Multiplayer used their "We work for MTV" powers to get some answers out of Harmonix about Rock Band. Of course, the fact that Harmonix also works for MTV probably aided them in this process. Ah yes, they even mention it in the post, so there you go. Anywho, Harmonix answered a few frequently asked questions (there should really be an acronym for that) about Rock Band that have been plaguing the community. First and foremost, there are no plans to offer other hardware configurations aside from the drums, microphone, guitar, and game bundle that has been circulating for a while now. In other words, if you'd prefer a bundle with, say, just a mic and the game, you're out of luck unless you buy them separately (which is still cheaper than the monster bundle). Also of note, the 360 bundle (with a wired guitar, remember) comes with a USB hub for all those other instruments. Finally, for those with Guitar Hero II X-plorers lying around, 3rd party guitars and peripherals should work just fine with Rock Band. We're sure it won't take long for peripheral makers to produce some less expensive versions of the various instruments, so those not looking to break the bank on the bundle may want to wait. Of course, if you're planning on nabbing Guitar Hero III, you should be able to use its guitar as well.

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