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Amazon launches HD 101 site

Steven Kim

We all know that the average consumer is overwhelmed by HD gear these days. Amazon has taken the wraps off its new HD 101 site, with the hopes of educating the "average consumer" on the ins and outs of assembling an enjoyable HD rig. Hats off to them -- some basic, unbiased knowledge may be all separates a interested-but-confused prospect from a purchasing customer (well on their way to HD-addiction, we might add). The site does a pretty good job of the basics, too: sizing charts, display tech comparisons, and even a calibration disc listed as a "must have" item. Amazon certainly doesn't have a vested interest in one technology or another, since they supply all manner of HD gear. Sure, they offer some advice we can't get totally behind, like "Don't cheap out on cables," and "With any type of HDTV, models with 1080p resolution will deliver the best picture quality," but it's a good place to point your less, um, devoted friends and family to for a start.

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