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Gods & Heroes development set aside for Star Trek Online

Robin Torres

Perpetual Entertainment officially announced that they were putting Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising on "indefinite hold" in order to pool all of their resources into developing Star Trek Online.

Chris McKibbin, Co-Chairman and President of Perpetual Entertainment posted a good bye letter/thank you note to the Gods & Heroes Community main page stating that the investment involved in developing two quality games plus their online platform would be "significant". So all resources will shift over to Star Trek Online and their Platform Services division.

Binky, the Community Relations Manager, posted a eulogy on the forums. Before an excerpt from Mark Antony, Binky stated:

Even though we are stepping back from Gods & Heroes for the time being, it does not mean that it is over. We always have the opportunity to revisit G&H and build the game we had envisioned from the beginning.

I can only imagine how frustrated and disappointed the beta community is over the loss of this game. Though G&H is only on hold, by the time Star Trek Online is released, the technology and concepts of G&H will probably be outdated. The Roman world view is different from the other MMOs in the making and I would have liked to see it come to life. But, then again, I was President of the Latin Club in highschool. <Insert geek noise here.>

Do you think Gods & Heroes will ever rise again?

[via MMORPG]

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