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When to buy an HDTV

Ben Drawbaugh

It's hard for many of us to remember a time before we owned an HDTV, so we forget why we didn't buy one sooner. But, the fact is that most Americans have yet to make the leap, and although more and more people are picking them up today, some are still waiting. We're sure there are many reasons why they wait, but as far as we're concerned, none of them are good. But if price is the only reason, then you might not ever buy one, 'cause at this point it's hard to imagine a time when HDTVs will stop dropping in price almost 50% every 18 months. So, Alfred Poor spends some time helping people figure out when the best time of the year is to pick up an HDTV. He has plenty of logical reasons why the last week of the year is the way to go and while this is debatable -- we think it's the summer when the new models come out -- what's not is, that it almost never make sense to wait. Because ultimately you could be enjoying HD programming right now and that's something you can't put a price on. So if you're waiting for the prices to fall, STOP! Because life is too short not to enjoy HD programming each and every day.

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