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AzerothCross hits EU Doomhammer on Saturday

Mike Schramm

Those crazy Europeans and their in-game events! Last time they were partying with a Naked Troll (and I heard that was extremely popular and crazy), and this weekend they're at it again-- a guild on EU Doomhammer named Malfunction is hosting the AzerothCross, a running/boating/flying naked race from Hammerfall to Orgrimmar. It's going to be tough, too-- they're planning on running under Blackrock Mountain and by Stormwind, and PvP flags must be on for the entire thing.

Hope it goes well-- I heard the Gutrot party made the server do a few flips, so hopefully they'll take it a little easier this time. Then again, they're offering 500 gold as a prize, so odds are the thing will be packed.

The event starts up at 15:30 server time on October 13 (this Saturday). As always, if you go, take lots of pictures, and feel free to post them online and send us the URL. Always cool to see gigantic player-run events like this in game-- if only Blizzard's servers felt the same way.

[ via IncGamers ]

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