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Forbes' tips for HDTV shoppers

Steven Kim

So we know that HDTV's are going to be on a lot of holiday gift lists and that retailers will be pushing some serious deals over the silly season. Even though the consumer has the upper hand, they've got to keep their wits once they're in the store. The linked article has some good advice for prospective buyers. It's mostly about getting a good demo, with stuff like: walls of big sets can make the correct size display seem small; only compare sets that are running the same demo material from the same signal; and try to view under lighting similar to your home. While it's probably review material for EHD readers, keep it handy for that coworker/friend/relative you know who's going to be buying an HD set soon. If they end up unhappy, you're going to get called in for some field work at the install site, so think "ounce of prevention" here.

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