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Another week, another 10 new HD channels for DirecTV

Ben Drawbaugh

This is a trend we can't ever get sick of talking about as DirecTV has now added new HD channels every week for the past four weeks. Up this week is a few more channels new to everyone as well as four regional sports networks. We'd bet DirecTV pushed up their normal Wednesday release for Fox Business HD, which happened to launch today. These bring the total new HD channels up to 47 in the past month. There are a few surprises here since Speed HD wasn't expected till next year, but a few we'd expected including, FX HD and Cartoon Network HD. Fox Business is a lot like CNBC HD, but the studio shots are actually in HD, so far it's the only HD we've seen on any of the channels in this batch, but there isn't usually a lot of HD programming on in the morning. Be sure to check out our updated gallery.

  1. Fox Business Network (359)
  2. HGTV HD (229-1)
  3. FX HD (248)
  4. Speed Network HD (607)
  5. Fuel HD (612)
  6. The Cartoon Network (296)

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